Broccoli Rabe Sandwich

The classic striker Sandwich is prepared by stuffing the Steak cooked with the sautéed mushrooms and onions in a hollowed-out loaf of bread, seasoning it with mustard and horseradish, then wrapping it tightly and pressing it under very heavy weights overnight. The next day you get a kind of portable version of bulk Wellington, ready to be sliced and eaten at a picnic (or a hunt, as the matter may be). But as impressive as it may be on Paper, we discovered the sad reality by making the absolute best Version of the original striker. It fails at the most basic task of a large sandwich: the whole must be greater than the sum of its parts.

But the idea of an ultra-pressed, party-sized sandwich is so appealing that I’ve spent the last few weeks developing and testing recipes for striker-style versions of sandwiches that actually work. Throughout the week, I will share them with you. Click here to read more about the striker’s Sandwich or skip over to my general striker’s sandwich tips for some quick and dirty details.

Raven striker style sandwiches with turkey, bacon and broccoli

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Sandwich with these particular ingredients, but they go so well together that if it were up to me, it would be a classic.

I knew I wanted to make a turkey-centric version of a chicken sandwich, so I started thinking about what flavors go well with turkey. From the start, bacon is a breeze. Do you know anyone who prefers a plain turkey sandwich to a turkey club? To match the Club Sandwich theme, whole grain mustard was my dressing of choice.

I tried a few different cheeses, including Munster (too soft and chewy) and Provolone (too funky), and finally decided on sharp Cheddar as the best Option. The only remaining element was the vegetable. I thought about pickles, assorted salads or sautéed vegetables, then it hit me: crow broccoli. This is one of the best Sandwich fillings, and for anyone who doesn’t live in Philadelphia, it may also be the least used.


I cook my turkey breast sous vide for ultimate tenderness and juiciness (see this article for some guidelines on cooking times), then smoke it on my stove using this method, although high-quality store-bought roasted turkey works well. I don’t smoke my own bacon, but I like to buy the nice thick, naturally smoked stuff. Vermont Smoke and Cure’s is pretty awesome.

Cabot’s seriously spicy Cheddar is a very good cheese. As this Sandwich is a kind of Mash-up, I don’t opt for the Philly-style braised crow 100% instead, I like to blanch mine, then sauté it very briefly in olive oil with a ton of garlic so that it stays bright green and crunchy.

Because there are so many deli flavors here — mustard, turkey, bacon – I chose a hearty pumpernickel bread for my Sandwich, although any type of rye with seeds would work well. Even a hearty white or sourdough bread would be suitable.

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